Rio Grand Floating

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The RIO Grand is a full line size heavier than the industry standard, and features more weight distributed towards the front of the line to easily load faster action fly rods. The line has a short head that is easy to cast, and is built with "MaxCast" Technology, RIO's ultra-sophisticated line coating that actively repels water for higher floatation, longer casts and greater durability. The RIO Grand is the best choice of line for the modern, fast action fly rod.

  • Front loaded, short head
  • A full line size heavier to easily load fast rod
  • Built with a supple, coldwater core and coating
  • Welded loops on both ends
  • 6-20530 WF3F Camo/Tan 140 36ft 10.9m Float 80ft 24.4m
    6-20531 WF4F Camo/Tan 165 37ft 11.2m Float 90ft 27.4m
    6-20532 WF5F Camo/Tan 195 38ft 11.5m Float 90ft 27.4m
    6-20533 WF6F Camo/Tan 230 39ft 11.8m Float 100ft 30.5m
    6-20534 WF7F Camo/Tan 280 40ft 12.1m Float 100ft 30.5m
    6-20535 WF8F Camo/Tan 310 41ft 12.5m Float 100ft 30.5m
    6-20536 WF9F Camo/Tan 370 42ft 12.8m Float 100ft 30.5m